Leo (Sign of Love, #1) - Mia Sheridan Evie and Leo are two kids in the foster care system. They come from broken and damaged homes. They have no one to turn to, so they turn to each other. 14 year old Evie is hopelessly in love with Leo. He is her knight in shining armor. The boy who gets her like no one else. They make a pact. They will be together forever, no matter what. But then Leo gets adopted and is forced to leave her. He moves across the country.Eight years later... Evie is all grown up.Evie has pulled her life together in spite of her past. She makes a living working two jobs, but she has never found true happiness. She has never felt like she belonged. At least not since that day, eight long years ago, on the rooftop with her sweetheart. One day a man shows up claiming to be a friend of Leo. This is the first man she has found herself drawn to and she finds herself falling for him quickly.But Jake has a past and secrets of his own. Evie soon finds herself wondering who to trust and what to believe. **************************************************************This book had me at "Hello"! I love a good love story and this one had just the right amount of angst. I can not wait to see what else comes from this author. This was a debut novel people! Yes it had flaws but I am rating it based on the fact that I could not put this book down. I would have liked to see more depth of the characters but for a debut, it was amazing. Loved it. 5 stars: Debut Author, Angsty Romance!