The Auction - Claire Thompson In this disturbing tale of desperation and exploration hard limits are virtually non-existent, because for Carly, they can't. Carly is down on her luck. She is out of a job and has become desperate to earn some extra money. When a friend tells her about an opportunity to sell herself as a sex slave for one month for a large sum of cash, Carly jumps at the opportunity. She tells herself that it is just one month. She finds herself agreeing to do more than she ever imagined to make someone else happy with the idea that it is just a short term arrangement. Adam is tired of trying to find the right person when he is never sure if he can trust them. He is wealthy and has had a string of women who are only after his money. Adam has a sadistic streak and enjoys extreme play in the bedroom. He takes a chance and decides that he can get his needs met without the expectation of a "normal" relationship by buying a slave. Carly has no idea what she is on for and almost immediately finds herself in literally over her head. This story has been described as a darker version of "Pretty Woman" and I would agree. Overall it was a good read. I think some may be turned off by Adam and his sadistic ways. He struggles and makes mistakes. Carly is desperate and willing to do more than she normally would because of her desperation. This lends a very dark edge to the book that some readers may find offensive. 4 Star Dark Erotica