The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling I gave this book 3 stars. I see others really liked it. It wasn't that good for me. I found myself incredibly frustrated with the main characters. The drama was really immature at times. Overall just good, not great IMO. Jack is swoon worthy. I loved his bad boy player persona. I also loved that he was a hottie baseball player. I liked the premise of him working his way up to the show. Cassie was a photographer who transfers in from a community college and is introduced to college sports at their finest. She is initially resistant to Jack and refuses to be swayed by his bad boy ways. She discovers that they are both a little broken and begins to fall for him. I like that this book doesn't take place in the space of a week like many books. Their relationship takes it's twists and turns over the course of weeks and months.