Someone to Love - Addison Moore Kendall comes from a family where marriage is an illusion. Her mother has been married so many times she's lost count. Kendall has come to despise the illusion of love and happily ever after, because in her world, it doesn't exist. Cruise is a college student who is nursing a broken heart, in the beds of as many women as he can. He has a reputation as ladies man and a player. Kendall moves out east to attend college and discovers that all is not as it seems on the East coast. Kendall is reluctant to open up and Cruise finds himself drawn to her. This story was a fast paced contemporary romance. Kendall finds someone to love but they have many things to overcome. Cruises ex is one of them. I found this gem to be sweet and funny. I laughed out loud and found myself rooting for them to WORK IT OUT ALREADY! I'm fascinated by the physiological effect she has the power to invoke. Obviously sex with someone as physically charged as Kenny would kill me instantly. But what the hell, I say get the paddles ready boys. I'm going on a suicide mission. For a Moment I envision myself stretched out on a gurney with my dick smoking. Something I didn't like, I really detest a book where miscommunication is so rampant and where no one clarifies or asks questions. Drives me insane. This book did that. Having said that, there was a villain who instigated a lot of the problems and that made it more realistic in my mind. Some people didn't like Cruises perspective and I can understand their point. But the thing you have to remember is he is a grad student teaching about literature. He's a romantic and he is prone to bouts of mushy feelings. I loved this about him. Overall 4 star read. I liked it a lot!!!