A Table for Three - Lainey Reese This was definitely Erotica with a secondary romantic suspense thread and wow was it hot! The writing was good and the characters were genuine. Our heroine, Riley is new to the big apple and asks a cabbie fora club recommendation. Little does she know that she just became a sheep in the wolfs den. Cade and Trevor are lifelong friends who share everything, including their women. Cade sets his sights on Riley and hopes that Trevor will agree that she is perfect. Trevor and Cade have immediate chemistry with Riley. They take the sexually naive Riley and give her the ride of her life. It was hot and steamy and amazing. Not everything in paradise is as it seems. Not everyone is happy with the new threesome. The question is will they survive and thrive after the storm passes, or will they be swept away. 5 star erotica/menage.