Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha Imagine a future where resources are scarce. In one area, known as Eden, the rich and privileged live a sheltered life. In Sector Four, illegal alcohol is made, gangs rule and sexual taboo is non-existent. This is where a young and naive Noelle finds herself. After a lifetime of sitting in her pretty and sterile room she finds herself thrust into the dirty and gritty streets of sector four.In Eden, Noelle never fit in. She felt like she was missing something. She began engaging in illegal activities, like drinking and having sex. She was cast out of the city and forced to find her way on her own. She falls into the arms by Jasper, a high ranking member of the O'Kane gang. He finds himself wanting to protect her even though he knows he shouldn't. Weakness must never be shown, at any cost. Noelle finds herself in a strange new place where she is forced to shed her old beliefs about what is "good" and "bad". Noelle is befriended by Lex. The temptress of the gang, Lex, teaches her how to go about shedding some of her inhibitions. This is where it gets a little steamy. The O'Kane gang throws parties. They have a party for just about anything. At her first party Noelle is introduced to orgy style ex in public. Some people choose a monogamous relationships, but many engage in sex with multiple partners and in Sector four, anything goes. This was a solid four stars for me. I really liked it. The sex was super hot, the romance was sweet. I loved Jasper and Dallas and Lex were a riot. I think there was just something in the plot that felt missing.