Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks Genevieve is a young Noble woman who becomes the obsession of Ian McHugh. Ian is a renegade Scottish heir to the McHugh Keep. His father allows Ian to run roughshod over him. Genevieve dismisses Ian and he becomes enraged. He abducts her and kills her escorts. Genevieve is believed dead by her family and friends. Ian takes Genevieve back to his keep. She continues to refuse him. He debases her and destroys her reputation making her his "whore". The entire clan ostracizes her and she is forced to submit to survive. Bowen is sent to the McHugh keep to rescue his sister by marriage who was also abducted by Ian. At the keep he discovers a dark and mysterious Genevieve. She is a contradiction. At times she cowers in fear and at other times she is as brave as a battle trained warrior. Bowen is mystified by her. He learns of all she has endured and becomes her champion. I have read other books by Maya Banks but this was by far my favorite. In this genre she shines. The characters were so real. I felt anguish for Genevieve when she disclosed all that she had been forced to endure. I fell in love with Bowen and his chivalry. He wanted to save Genevieve from her past and give her the future she should have had. Absolutely amazing story. Well Done! 5 Stars!