The Proposal - Katie Ashley Up till 2am reading this one. Finished in one setting. Review to come when I have had more coffee. If you haven't gotten this book yet... GET IT NOW OK, now that I am more alert...First off, I read a lot. I love a good book that makes you feel connected to the characters. In The Proposal, I felt that. It takes good writing to get you so into the book that you turn around and realize you have been reading for six hours straight. I was literally sucked into this one. Amazing writing. I loved the Proposition. IN that book, I wanted to smack Aidan up side the head. In this book, it was Emma's turn. The proposition picks up where book one left off. Emma has left Aidan after finding him in his home with another woman. Aidan repents and does everything in his power to win Emma back. He sends texts, flowers, notes, and tries to come visit her. She is a struggling but holding it together. Aidan is a mess. He's not eating and has become a shell of his former self. Emma is conflicted and becomes an emotional wreck. The stress becomes too much and she goes into premature labor. Emma is forced into bed rest for two weeks. Aidan proposed that she some stay with him in his home and he takes a leave of absence from work. From there we see a side of Aidan we have not seen before. He grows up and mans up. I grew to love him and all his annoying ways. There are times when Emma frustrated me. I cut her some slack because she was pregnant and her hormones were way out of whack. The author did an amazing job staying true to the characters and even as we see Aidan mature, he still has his petulant childish moments. Emma's best friend Casey continues with her witty banter and her skepticism of all things Aidan. I have read that the author is doing a book about Pesh, aka: Dr. Mc Dreamy Bollywood. CAN NOT WAIT!In the end we do get to see Emma have her baby...Noah Patrick FitzgeraldYou will have to read the book to see what happened with Emma and Aidan...Wonderful book! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★If you haven't read it, you simply must!