Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11) - Lara Adrian First off, I have not read any of the books in the Midnight Breed Series prior to reading this one. (I will be reading them now!)Mira is the lead heroine. She is a self sufficient and strong female warrior in the Order. The Order was established to maintain peace between humans and Breed, an otherworldly vampire race. Mira has been in single minded pursuit of revenge for her love, Kellan, who was killed eight years ago. Mira is out to take down anyone associated with his death by any means possible. She has continued to mourn for him eight long years after his death. Lucan is the head of the Order. He has tolerated Mira's behavior up until now. The Order is a large group of family and even Lucan still mourns the loss of Kellan. Tension continues to rise between humans and Breed. Lucan can no longer look the other way after Mira publicly attacks someone associated with Kellan's death. As a punishment she is sent on a menial security escort mission. The job goes all wrong and everything Mira thought she knew is turned upside down. Now Mira is in the fight of her life for the love of her life. This book was everything I love about Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. It was action packed and filled with intrigue and stunning revelations. The romance was perfect. I adored Mira found myself completely immersed in this world of humans and Breed. Love the cover, love the plot development, love the characters, love the ending.5 gloriously steamy stars! ***This book was given in exchange for a fair and honest review***