The Stranger - Kyra Davis Kassie is about to get engaged to her long time boyfriend, Dave. Dave is a tax attorney in LA. He is predictable, reliable and a little bit boring. Kassie goes to Vegas with a friend and is dared to have a one night stand with a stranger and sow her wild young oats. Kassie finds more than she bargained for in Robert Dade. He is a billionaire CEO of a security company. One night was supposed to be enough, but for Robert, it wasn't nearly enough. Kassie returns to her life to find that she has been hired by none other than her one night stand. The chemistry between these two is simply amazing. There were times when Kassie became spineless and unlikable. She simply couldn't stick to a decision. I felt sorry for Dave in the beginning but discover that he is not all that he seems either. This was a very well written and well developed novella. The infidelity was hard for me and the domineering behavior from Robert made me mad but it was so well written! This is a short novella that has an unresolved ending that leaves you wanting more. Overall 4 out of 5 stars. If Kassie had more of a spine, I would have given it five stars. Having said that, I will be reading the next one.