Cold Light - Traci L. Slatton Cold Light is book two in the After trilogy. It is a dystopian novel about a a woman who goes in search of her daughter who was stolen by raiders. Emma, the main character, is a mother of two and is married to Haywood. Book two picks up a short while after book one ended. Emma has returned home with her husband and left her lover, Arthur, behind in Europe. The author creates a unique and rich world full of psychic abilities and the harsh realities of a post apocalyptic world. A "mist" has taken over and consumed a large portion of society. The mist not only devours objects, but also people and animals. The mist also gave humans either psychic abilities or left them insane. Society falls apart and must somehow be put back together. In the midst of this Emma must find her lost daughter. There are "safe zones" where groups of people have established a working community, outside of the "safe zones" lawlessness prevails. The remaining resources in the world are scarce and frequently fought after. Travel is limited to horseback as the gas supply at this point in the trilogy is virtually non-existent. Emma is caught between her duty and loyalty to her husband and her lingering feelings for her lover, Arthur who has traveled the world to find her again. This book drew me in immediately. I was mesmerized by the world that Slatton created. She transported me to the desolate and baron landscape where she took me on an incredible adventure. The characters were well developed and dialogue was seamless. Even after not having read the first book, I was able to fall in love with and become invested in the outcome of this book. 5 Stars. Well done!****This book was given in exchange for a fair and honest review.****