Her Forbidden Hero - Laura Kaye I really liked this book. It has the brooding, hunky, alpha male. An independent, nurturing and hurting female. Put them together and BAM! Smokin' hotness!Our Alpha male is Marco...Marco has returned from Special Forces duty in Afghanistan. He was injured in the line of duty and suffered severe injuries leaving him "broken". Our lead Female is Alyssa...Alyssa was literally the girl next door. Her father was an abusive alcoholic. Alyssa's older brother, Brady, and Marco protected Alyssa until she was old enough to go off to college. Marco's need to protect her begins to fight with his need to leave her alone because he sees her as completely off limits. Marco and Alyssa are drawn to each other and eventually their attraction proves too strong... Marco quickly realizes that it can never be, he is just too "broken". Alyssa is willing to take him as he is but he can't let go of his fears. They have to find a way to let the past go and embrace the future and each other. They both need someone to love them, flaws and all. She could slay his nightmares and he could protect and cherish her forever. Will they discover that they are a perfect fit before it is too late? The thing I did not like (and I never do) is that the antagonist in this book was their lack of communication skills. (thus 4 stars instead of 5) It was one misunderstanding and/or secret after another. Having said that, I still devoured it in one setting!