After - Varian Krylov After, is a story of a post-pandemic America where men outnumber women ten-to-one. Women are reduced to breeders and bodies to satisfy men depending on if they can reproduce or not. The book covers a span of two decades after "The Dying". It tells the tale of what two women have had to endure to survive. This first woman, Eva, is among the first women to be found and she is forced to become the only female among twenty some men. She is given a husband through a lottery and is expected to reproduce with him. This story is dark and disturbing. It chronicles how humanity can be reduced to brutality and animalism in the face of near extinction. Through all of the trauma and degradation, we find light and love can be found and humanity can be saved. I gave this book a solid four stars. The book itself was extraordinarily well written. The only faults were that at times the story seemed to drag. It was long and covered a lot of ground. This is a dark and heavy read but well worth it.