Officer off Limits - Tessa Bailey HOT HOT HOT! Tessa Bailey does not disappoint. I have yet to read a story from her that has not had me panting and wanting more. Tessa has dirty talk down to an art. There are a lot of books out there where the guy talks in incomplete sentences, and I am supposed to be turned on by it. Well, I need a guy with brains, big brains and big in other places as his ego. Come on, mind out of the gutter people. Anyway, Tessa created these amazing, dominant, but not overly aggressive, hot amazing men. She should really get an award because she nails it Every! Single! Time! I absolutely LOVE Tessa Bailey.Enough about the author, on to the book.Story is our lead female. She is is a smart and beautiful kindergarten teacher who is engaged to be married. The book quickly takes us away from her fiance who promptly dumps her. Story gets an urgent call from NYC where her father is. He has had a heart attack. She hops on a plane to be by his side while he recovers.Daniel is our lead male. He is a hostage negotiator. Yes ladies, swoon away! He has been working with Jack, Story's father for years. Jack has been his mentor and Daniel looks up to him. So imagine his surprise when he finds out the hot little number in the hospital lobby is Jack's beloved little girl and strictly off limits. When Story meets Daniel she immediately recognizes him for the womanizer that he is. Even so, she can't help but acknowledge the amazing chemistry. One thing leads to another and soon enough she is throwing down the gauntlet and challenging his manhood and he has all of 60 seconds to prove himself worthy. “The things I want to do to you, Story, would take a lot longer than sixty seconds. Your phone’s battery would die well before I finished."- Daniel No longer gentle or curious, his mouth took complete ownership of hers, fusing it with his in a kiss meant to destroy and rebuild. Daniel tries to stay away... He tore his mouth away. “I can’t do it. I can’t stay away from you,” he growled, barely audible among the yells and catcalls being leveled at them.Story is torn. She wants to be with Daniel but she knows that she shouldn't. After all she was just dumped by her fiance to fly cross country to care for her father. She should be healing and helping her father, not jumping into bed with a guy. Right?Daniel is unlike any man Story as ever known. He can ignite her with a simple touch. She finds him difficult to resist. “Belong to me, Story. Even if it’s just for a little while.”Somewhere along the line, he’d gotten to her. Bad. And right now, having him this close, she craved him like oxygen.This was fast paced and sizzling hot. I absolutely adored both characters. Despite the fast tempo of this book we got to see the tormented history of Daniel and how he fights with his demons daily. Story questions everything in her life as it has all been turned upside down. She quickly realizes she has choices and she must decide her own fate.Bravo Tessa Bailey, Bravo!5 Stars. Love it!(I really am Tessa Bailey's #1 Fan but not in a creepy Annie Wilkes kinda way ;-)