Femme Fatale - Cindy Dees Femme Fatale... This one had a bit of a rough start for me. I put it down a few times and finally finished it. I have to say it finished much stronger than it started. Former teen star Olivia, is looking to shake her wholesome good girl image. She takes a part in an action film starring Hollywood hottie and womanizer, Jeremy. She is looking to get more "grown up" roles and to do that she needs to show the world that she can party with the best of them.Blake is hiding from the Russians... on a movie set, in Hollywood. He was hired by the director to consult on the movie and help them achieve a more realistic action film. Blake is a hot Marine who is not looking for anything more than to lay low until he can come out of hiding. Olivia propositions Blake to help her learn how to make her love scenes more believable. She is somewhat inexperienced, though no virgin, in the bedroom. Jeremy is a hot A-list actor who sees himself as Mr. Wonderful. He thinks Olivia should be grateful to be working with him. When he discovers she is actually pretty good. He decides that she needs to be his next conquest.The pros: Hot chemistry between the main characters with good love scenes. Interesting story idea. Good dialogue and story building. I loved Jeremy's annoying arrogant character. Overall writing style was good. The cons: Strange internal dialogue from Blake, it seemed a bit cheesy at times. Emotions of the characters were a little unbelievable. The story line moved very fast and that made the buildup of emotion less believable. I wanted more depth and understanding of the main characters. They just didn't have much in common, aside from hot sex. ****ARC given via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***