Forbidden Fruit (Under Mr. Nolan's Bed #1) - Selena Kitt This is a revised version of Selena Kitt's now infamous book, Under Mr. Nolan's Bed. This updated version explores two young woman in their burgeoning sexuality. This book is supposed to be set in the 50's/60's which is a change from the original. It never explicitly says what the year is. This was to add to the scandalous nature of the sexual exploration. There were also a few big changes from the first book in terms of what happens with the main characters. (I did not read the first or second versions. )Leah is a Catholic School girl who is now twenty years old. She and her best friend have been inseparable since grade school. Leah's father is absent from her life and her mother has been very strict. Leah has been living at home and has never even gotten a driver's license. Leah and her best friend, Erica go exploring under Mr. Nolan's bed and find an epic stash.Erica Nolan is Leah's best friend and partner in crime.Mr. Rob Nolan has been grieving the loss of his wife for years. He has never found the courage to date again.One day while the girls are home from school, they venture into Mr. Nolan's room and look under his bed. They find stacks of porn. Pictures, magazines and videos. As the girls begin to explore the images, they experiment with each other.Soon, Leah begins wondering what Mr. Nolan does with all of his pornography. She secretly sneaks into his room to watch him one night and what she sees only adds fuel to the fire.Leah and Erica know that what they are doing is wrong and confess their sins.Leah can't take it any more, she finds herself drawn to Mr. Nolan and she wonders what it would be like to be with him.She can't get the images of him out of her mind.This is a tale of forbidden love that has a whole slew of taboo subjects. Erica and Leah's experimentation with each other. The naivete of both girls. The age differences. The Catholic school girl. This book was all I thought it would be. The writing was good, the story was, well, the story was ok.What this book was... scorching hot. I am not a huge fan of female on female sexual interactions but this one was good. At one point, while watching a porn movie, Erica said something along the lines of "The dialogue sucks, lets skip to the good part." I felt that way about this book, except the dialogue didn't suck and the whole book was "The good parts". This is not your typical erotica, this was hard core TABOO!One issue that I'm not sure the author thought through, if they are in the 50's, how can they have a TV with a remote to watch porn videos on? I am rating this four stars. It was not the best book I have read, but I couldn't put it down. This book was steamy and the characters lascivious. So, if you are looking for a shocking and slightly disturbing addition to your library, this is your book.4 Forbidden Stars.