Femme Chattel (Freedom Bound, #2) - Dakota Lynn Overall, I liked this book. I liked Preston's internal struggles to come to grips with who he is in all areas of his life. He discovers that he has judged others to quickly. He tried for years to hide who he was and he begins to challenge his views. Irena has her own problems that lead to her coming to the United States to be Preston's sex slave. It felt to me that the development of their emotional relationship skipped forward too fast. Preston talked about how strong Irena was without a lot to back it up. It felt there was a bunch missing. I would have liked more about what was going on between them and how they felt about each other. I would recommend the book id you are looking for steamy BDSM scenes without a lot of back story. I like a little more story with my yummy scenes. Otherwise it just seems like porn. Not that there is anything wrong with that.... if that is what you are looking for. For me it just detracted from the book.