Suicide Note

Suicide Note - Teresa Mummert This book was reviously published as "The Suicide Note". This book is NOT about suicide. I know I shied away from it because of the title and I'm sure others have too. So I am telling you...READ THIS BOOK! It was FABULOUS! Teresa Mummert is one of my favorite authors and she did it again with The Note!Jenn is a young woman who has had to suffer the ultimate heartbreak. She will forever be reminded of him and she is devastated. Jenn has always been second best to her sister. She is less successful, less popular, not quite as pretty. Her family is less than supportive and Jenn is never quite good enough for them. Jenn is a bit of a wallflower and has let people walk all over her.One day she decides, no more will she allow this to happen. She decides to take matters into her own hands and instead of watching things happen to her, she is going to become and active participant in life.Shane is a military man. He has been deployed with his unit in Iraq. Shane also has recently been through a significant loss. He is the man who is supposed to have it all together and he is supposed to be in charge. He thrives on dealing with difficult situations and coming out on top. So why can't his life stateside be the same?Shane must deal with his own broken heart. So instead of going "home" on his two week leave, he goes to visit his cousin. Who happens to be Jenn's boss. Shane gets a letter from his cousin that was supposed to have been sent while he was deployed. The letter leads him to Jenn.Jenn, who is broken and sad and lonely. Jenn is down but not out. Shane finds her on her birthday where she is all alone. She is sitting on the ledge of "The Kissing Bridge" reading a book. Jenn is crying. Shane finds himself immediately wrapped up in helping this broken girl.They decide to spend some time together, or rather Shane takes charge and says they will. Jenn begins to feel more and more comfortable around Shane and she invites him to a family function. Shane learns the reason behind her heartbreak. Her ex-fiance, Thomas.Thomas is an ass of epic proportions. Jenn soon discovers how lucky she is that he broke off their engagement. Shane sees her hurt and wants to protect her and take away her pain. Soon he finds himself feeling things for this amazingly broken young woman that he can't explain. He never meant for it to go this far.Shane has to leave. He is still on active duty and will be headed back to Iraq. He and Jenn are separated by oceans and continents but their hearts couldn't be any closer if they tried. He struggles with the separation and trusting Jenn with his heart.In the end, they both must learn to trust and love again. They must recognize their own strength to get them through. They have to remember that they are worthy of love and being in love. They are more, because of each other.This story was so masterfully told. I simply adore this author's writing style. Please don't be afraid of the old title. If you don't read this book because of it you are seriously missing out. I give this book 5 HUGE STARS!