Rule of Three

Rule of Three - Kelly Jamieson The rule of three: Design principle that states that things are more appealing when paired in threes. Three makes things more interesting without being overdone.***************************************************************If I could give this 5 stars on sexiness...I totally would. I am a sucker for a good menage book. They are my FAVORITE! This one did not disappoint!This book was...Total panty melting awesomeness!!!Kassidy and Chris are in a long term committed relationship and have just moved in together. Chris is hardworking and a corporate climber. He came from a good family and he got everything he wanted or needed. Kassie is creative and smart. She too had a loving and good family. They both work for the same firm, which is how they met.Dag is the old friend from college that Chris has not seen on many years. Dag was the guy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. He was the bad boy who worked his butt off for everything he has. Dag moved out west and Chris stayed in Chicago to start working. Dag decides to come out for a visit.Something Kass doesn't know...Dag and Chris used to do threesomes. And they want a Kassidy sandwich. At first she is reluctant but Kass has always been the good girl to her sister's naughty girl persona. Kass decides to take the leap.Soon the three find themselves settling into a nice routine. Dag moves in and they become close. Kass begins to have feelings that she can't stop worrying about.Chris starts to feel things that make him question everything he thought he knew about himself. Dag must decide if he is willing to risk it all and go for what he has always wanted.I adored Dag. I felt for him and my heart was ripped out for him. (You'll have to read to know why.) Great characters, good plot, the story moved quickly and the sex scenes were stellar. I absolutely devoured this book. It was an effortless and sexy read.This book contains m/f, m/f/m, m/m, and m/m/f scenes.4 Scalding Hot Stars!