Lick (Stage Dive, #1)

Lick - Kylie Scott This was a wild ride! This book really starts out with a bang. Evelyn wakes up in a hotel room completely hung over and she has no memory of the night before.She's sleeping on the bathroom floor when in walks a hot guy. Evelyn has no idea who he is or what, if anything, she did with him.When she looks down at her hand, she sees a monster size engagement and wedding ring.“Mother of God, it’s huuuuge!” “I know.” “No, seriously.” “I know.” “Fuck me. I think I’m about to pee myself”-EvThat my friends is when the adventure begins....Evelyn, "Ev", has led a very sheltered and normal life by most standards. She is the "good" kid to her brother's wild child. She makes sensible decisions. She has a plan and a bright future ahead of her. One weekend in Vegas could change all of that.David Ferris is the guitarist in one of America's hottest rock bands. His life has been a whirlwind and he found something in Evelyn that drew him to her. She was a spunky lady who stood up for a lowly waitress. They spent a magical night together that Ev has absolutely no recollection of.Evelyn has no idea what she has done or how to get out of it. David finds himself in a situation where he is married to a woman who doesn't remember and now she wants out. “It’s not fair that you remember and I don’t.”“No,” he said, his voice hard, cold, in a way I hadn’t heard it. He looked over at me, jaw set. “It’s not fair that I remember and you don’t, Evelyn.” “Love isn’t always smooth or straightforward. It can be messy and painful … Doesn’t mean it isn’t still the most incredible thing that can ever happen to you.”- DavidDavid is the most amazing and wonderful rock star boyfriend ever. He was gentle and sweet and possessive and swoon worthy and I LOVED HIM! I would happily be Mrs. Ferris for David!Evelyn was so normal. She was the girl next door who likes country music and had no idea who in the world David Ferris was. When she returns home and the paparazzi are camped out on her doorstep, she simply wanted her old life back. That is, until she realized that she saw something in David that night too. Something scary and real and too good to turn her back on. Together they have to find out what they are meant to be and if they are meant to be.“The light in his eyes was like the sun rising. My knees trembled and my heart quaked. It was powerful and beautiful and perfect.”- EvIf you are looking for a swoon worthy rock star romance with great dialogue and light drama, this is a great one. Ok, so there was some drama, otherwise it would be boring, but not over the top. The author does an amazing job of creating real characters with thoughtful responses to the situations they find themselves in. The chemistry when Ev and David come together is HOT. I absolutely loved this book. Four hot rocker stars!