Twisted Perfection (Perfection, #1) - Abbi Glines Two separate lives. Two separate paths that connect in an unexpected encounter. Both trapped. Both looking for happiness and freedom. What they find is each other.Della is on a journey. Her find herself. She has been trapped at home for all of her life. She has a past filled with fear that she is determined to overcome.Woods is looking for some fun before he is forced to do his parents bidding. He is stuck marrying a woman he doesn't love to inherit a business he is destined to run. His father is the ultimate puppet master and Woods is nothing but a pawn.One hot night together and Della has been ruined to all other men. Woods gives her something she didn't know existed. She gives him memories to last a lifetime. But all too soon their time is over and they both move on.Della's journey to find herself once again crosses into the path of Woods. But this time, he is determined to get to the bottom of what makes up Della Sloan.Della is afraid, she is afraid of herself and she is afraid of falling in love. She doesn't want to burden anyone with her future.Della has issues. She has big issues. She has no idea how to get better but she is determined to try.Woods gets pulled in more and more by his father and he doesn't know if he can get out. Leaving would be so easy but he would have to give up everything he has ever thought he would be.In the end they both have to decide if they are worth fighting for. Della must fight her inner demons as Woods fights the demons on his doorstep. They both are saddled with family baggage that is too big to carry alone but may just be bearable with the help of someone they love.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This was a really sweet and interesting twist on a love story. I really liked Della. She was genuine and I believed her story and her fear. Woods, he was to die for. Man, he was over the top protective alpha male and he was HOT! The chemistry was smoking, the writing was amazing and the story had me hooked. Abbi Glines is a sure thing and she didn't disappoint with this one.