Torch (Take It Off, #1) - Cambria Hebert Katie is a young woman who has had to take care of herself. She has learned the hard way that you can depend on no-one. Katie is making ends meet doing what she loves, being a librarian. She has a modest home with a pool and she is happy.Holt is on the local fire department. He is called out to a house fire and finds a young woman bound and unconscious in the middle of a raging inferno. He does what he has to do to save her.Katie is hospitalized for her burns and smoke inhalation. She is lucky to be alive. Holt comes to visit her in the hospital and soon discovers that she is on her own. When she is released, she still needs care and Holt steps up and offers his assistance. He finds himself wanting to protect this young woman who he pulled from the fire.The attraction is almost immediate. Holt is a knight in shining armor and Katie is a damsel in distress.Before long they find themselves unable to deny the attraction. They quickly discover that the threat to Katie's life is not over. Holt is now in deep and he will do anything to stop the person set on hurting Katie.Katie has no enemies that she knows of. She is a quiet small town librarian. Her life is boring. When Holt offers to help her she wants to refuse. She knows better than to rely on anyone for help. But she has no where else to go. And she has a hard time resisting Holt's magnetic personality and his amazing good looks.In the end, Katie doesn't know if Holt can save her. He wants to rescue more than just her life, he wants her heart too.So if you love a sweet love story about a charismatic and hot fireman who rescues the sweet and perky young woman, this is for you. I really liked this sweet love story.Loved the romance, predictable but good drama, HOT chemistry and great writing. Overall, I would say a high three stars rounding up to four. I mean come on, it has a hot fireman in it!