That First Kiss (Night Calls, #2) - J.C. Valentine This book starts out with a serious BANG!Piper and Tate have a brief but explosive encounter in the ladies room at a night club. Piper and Tate are virtual strangers and neither ever plans to encounter the other again. Fate has another plan. Piper's new job leads her to her mystery man. She soon discovers the reason he has not been able to keep an assistant for more than a few weeks tops. He is a complete jackass.Tate is a mercurial writer with a short temper. He is immediately irritated that Piper is his assistant. Piper can not believe her luck. Her BAD luck. Tate is incorrigible.Piper is a girl trying to make her way in the city. She is a small town girl from humble beginnings and she is determined to make more of her life. She has been struggling to make ends meet when she lands the job working for Tate as his assistant.The sexual tension in this book is so freaking thick you could cut it with a knife.Piper finds herself being pulled in by all that is Tate Larson. He has moments where a softhearted and gentle man shine through and Piper is intrigued. But Tate is on an emotional roller coaster ride and he is all over the place.Tate wants Piper, then he doesn't want Piper, then he doesn't want Piper with anyone else, then he doesn't want Piper, then he wants Piper, then....Tate, make up your freaking mind what you want!Tate seriously...."Would it be too much to ask for a blow to the head with a blunt object? She could use a bout of amnesia right now." -PiperHe is lucky he is so damn hot! Tate, I love you. Piper, I am not sure why you put up with him.This was a hot and steamy read. The first kiss is not a innocent as it sounds. It is dirty and yummy. This is a fast paced angst filled romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see that Tate will pull next."What he was feeling for Piper wasn't something he could stop. It wasn't something he could take back or cut out or burn to ashes. It was a poison that had entered his bloodstream and ripped it's way through his body and he knew the exact moment that it happened: that first kiss."- TateFour Gloriously Mercurial Stars***A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***