Claim Me - J. Kenner Release Date April 23! I am not supposed to review this one until closer to release pretend not to read my review for a few weeks!OH Damien, you broken man. I absolutely loved Damien in this. He is broken and tortured and sexy as hell. Nicki takes on her demons. She find out how to deal with her emotional pain without harming herself. Damien and Nikki take things to a whole new level in the bedroom as their "deal" comes to an end. This book was FULL of action. There were incredible highs and incredible lows. I loved it! Toward the end things really heated up. So here is my rundown on the last 25% of the book.First off there were some big secrets revealed...And then things got a little emotional...And then Nikki pulled some spine out...Then things get heated and the gloves come off. This was a roller coaster ride with huge revelations. I loved the end. Can't wait for book three! Bravo!5 Kinky Stars!