Chasing Mrs. Right (Come Undone, #2) - Katee Robert A chance meeting between Ian and Roxanne leads to a night of passion...Ian is back from his second tour in Afghanistan. He barely gets off the plane and he is bombarded by a welcome home party from his baby sister. Ian finds himself unable to handle it and flees the scene. Roxanne is not interested in love or a boyfriend, or commitments. They lead to bad things. She has been taught well to rely on no-one but herself. She has erected a bulletproof wall around her heart. Too bad she meets a straight shooter who doesn't play fair. They have combustible chemistry. Roxanne could give in and let him in, but at what cost? Ian could fall in love, but would he ever be whole again, and be enough to be truly wanted? This story shows us two unlikely lovers who aren't looking for love, but cupid struck them both and fate has other plans for them. This was a great second story for this series, the first book being [b:Wrong Bed, Right Guy|15762975|Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Come Undone, #1)|Katee Robert||21464713]. Great chemistry, a quick and feisty hot read. 4 Erotic Romance Stars. ***This book was given in exchange for a fair and honest review.***